This image displays the first novel in the Next Life Universe book series, Afterworld. The stated author's name is James G. Robertson. It is used to showcase the novel Afterworld's second and third edition cover.
Afterworld’s Updated Cover

Hey there, my awesome readers. There’s a lot to unpack here in this update for July 2022, so let’s start with the book covers. I had Ira-Rebeca P. update the typography on Afterworld’s cover. I think she did a great job. She is the same individual who did the typography on The Desperado’s Tale cover. After that was done, I did my own edits to The Ripper. I changed the face of The Ripper to an alternative face provided by the original artist.

I chose to do this because a couple of individuals seemed to think the previous design was perhaps too “cartoonish”. Which I can agree now, looking back. I don’t think he was nearly as intimidating as he now is. So after that, I updated the color scheme on the title typography and changed the spine/author/bottom cover text. It’s all updated on the new credits page.

The audiobook is for all intents and purposes is done, except for balancing the sound. I boosted it on my own, which turned out to be a mistake as my distributors system needs it to be in a certain range (I had not known this previously) and so I need to go back and unboost it, which won’t take me long. The only issue is my laptop’s screen went bad on me so it’s being repaired. I’m hopeful I can get the preorders out by the end of the month, otherwise we’re looking at August. I’m ok with either since the official release isn’t until October 9th, so I’ll just need to do some blitz marketing in August / September. The updated book for The Ripper should be released on Ingram this week, so start looking for it outside of Amazon retailers.

I think that about covers it, oh! I guess I promised a working title of the prequel that I’ve been working on. This is the title: Dawning of Darkness: The Fall of Gods and Kings. It’s going to get you a better look at what happened on Afterworld, before the story in the book Afterworld takes place. If all goes well, it’ll be released sometime near the end of this year for free in ebook format for those signed up to my mailing list. I will also create a paperback that will sell for near cost at stores. I’m still deciding how I’m going to handle the audiobook as of now.

Now the story won’t cover everything, as some plot points are best left for another time, else I give away a big spoiler for what I call the first quarter arc of my series. I’ve decided my story will have 3-4 Arcs. So I’ve got a really good idea of what will happen in the first two. I’ve also got an overarching idea, you could call it, about the major conflict in the third and fourth. I said before it would be 20-30 books before I’m completely done. Now I would honestly put that in the 30 range.

Anyway, I hope you’re excited about everything as much as I am. I better get back to working on the prequel story! Remember, stay safe, and keep posted!

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