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The Desperado’s Tale: He Who Shot God reveals the story of Jonan Steelheat. It is the third book in the Next Life Universe, and second of the Next Life prequels following The Ripper. Keep updated by joining the newsletter for the most up-to-date information.

This image displays the third novel in the Next Life Universe book series, The Desperado's Tale: He Who Shot God. The stated author's name is James G. Robertson. It is used to showcase The Desperado's Tale novel.
Cover art by Oleg Beloded.


ETA 2024

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Ebook, Paperback, Audiobook

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ETA 2024


ETA 2024


ETA 2025

Full Synopsis

Damned are the many toyed with by the divine. Jonan Steelheat was the first man from anywhere in our universe to stand against our god and do him harm. Caught in a precarious position in a land where injustice thrives, the lawmen are those who must stand above the wicked nature inherited by our father. Jonan is one such lawman.

In a society not unlike our own, designated the sixth world, the Marshal takes Jonan in as an apprentice. Under his care, he learns the ways of the lawmen and of their hidden history. Gripping the sinner’s piece marked VI, the lawman’s last resort, he stands firm in trying to save his world. What caused this once lawman to turn desperado, and will he find his righteous vengeance against those that have caused so much destruction, or does an even darker future await us all?