Good afternoon, or whatever time it may be there. I hope you have all been having a wonderful time. This will mostly be focused on author news today, but a bit of life information as well.

So I got my second covid shot, and it took me out for a weekend, and then right after that, I got what I believe was the flu from someone else. So I was exhausted and in bed for a few days. During those days, I was as productive as I could be. I went through the books and did one final edit, so this time (I promise), they’re as updated as they’re going to be for a long time to come. The Paperbacks on the Lulu store have also been updated, and I’m working with my distributor to update the other paperbacks, but that’ll probably be a couple more weeks. So if you’re interested in a Paperback, I would highly recommend grabbing the Lulu version at least until August to make sure you have the most updated version (you’ll be able to tell because it says Second edition June 2021).

Ok, that’s enough about those two. Next, we have The Ripper audiobook. My primary focus is to get that out by August. As for the third book, The Desperado’s Tale, I have begun doing a bit of writing on it, and while it’s far from incomplete, I believe the start is well-drafted. What I’m hoping to do is to have it out by next Spring. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m unsure about the audiobooks for Afterworld and The Desperado’s Tale at this point for a couple of reasons. The first being funds. Hopefully, once I release The Ripper audiobook, I can begin to advertise and profit so that those funds can go towards the audio versions. The second reason is that I’m unsure if I’ll have the time to work on them for about 3 years. The reason being I’m about 90% sure at this point that I’m going to join the army as I have student loans to take care of, and the money I would make there would allow me to promote my books better. So I may have time to do Afterworld’s before I go if things work out that way, but I’m not going to promise it anytime soon unless, for whatever reason, my stories absolutely blow up in the next few months.

I think that’s about all I have to say. But, as always, keep posted, and I’ll keep you updated!

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