The stunning cover art for the paperback version of The Desperado's Tale by Oleg Beloded.
A stunning full wrap cover for The Desperado’s Tale. Cover art by Oleg Beloded.

Hello everyone, it’s August 2021. It’s been about a month since my last post. Usually I post two blogs each month, but I’ve been quite busy. The first thing you may notice (other than the stunning cover) if you’re not viewing this in the email is the huge website update. The home page in-particular has gotten a big overhaul and upgrade. Hopefully, it’s more pleasing, I sure think it is. Since I did the update, I’ve also been taking SEO more seriously to drive traffic here. Now, am I going to go back through every blog post and improve its SEO? Ain’t nobody got time for that, but by doing that going forward, it should help bring in more people for you to discuss the series with.

What else have I been doing? Well, I’m getting ready for my move to NY, and of course still grinding away at The Ripper. My plan is to have everything ready towards the end of September and release it in time so that it is ready for spooky Halloween month. Also, mark your calenders. On September 8th, I’m running a special promotion on amazon for Afterworld’s ebook. Hopefully, you can get a few friends who were on the fence to try it out!

On that note, if you’ve read the book, please leave a review! It helps so much. Even a rating without words can help a lot. I’ve upgraded my covers, and it has helped a bit, but the last piece of the puzzle is your review. I only ask for honest reviews, so if you’re able to please leave one on amazon, and if you’re up to it, goodreads and bookbub are also places that would help.

Promotion wise, I’ve sent the price to a few bloggers and newsletters with big followers. One day I’ll snag one of those lucrative bookbub promos, some day. That’s about it for this post though. Short and sweet. I’ll most likely be doing a hike or two once I get back to New York so you can expect some nature pictures from me.

Now you may be saying, “James, there’s something else you want to say, right?” Why yes. I wasn’t going to not mention anything about the stunning cover art staring at you. That is the full cover wrap for the next book, The Desperado’s Tale for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. Pretty ain’t it? The artist is, of course, the same outstanding person I’ve used in my previous covers, Oleg Beloded. I’ve nearly finished the first chapter (It’s been a slow process while working on the audiobook). That said, if you haven’t done so already hit that share button, follow the blog, follow the twitter and as always, stay posted!

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