Why did I record narration before editing the script? Well, I know why I did it, but I’ve had to go back and fix a lot before moving forward. So I’ve gone back through, re-edited my narration bits and rerecorded a fair amount. Where does that put me? He’s almost done, right? Oh, in contrary my dear friend. I’m back at chapter 6 now. I’ve went through chapters 1-5 this past month, added a few little tweaks, removed some more nasty audio pops/clicks and rerecorded a bunch of lines while adding some more sounds. Now, I also did some fresh recording so I should be done with chapter 6 (and nearly done with its SFX edits as well), and I’ve started on chapter 7.

So where does this put me? 1/2/5 are completely done. 3/4 are 90-95% done I’m just waiting on one of my voice actors to do their revisions. They’ve unfortunately been busy, but either way I can write 1-5 as “done”. 6 is about 60-70% done, and 7 is about 20% done. Starting tomorrow, I’m just going to focus on narrating. My goal is to get 7-12 + extras narrated by the end of the first week in August. IF I can do that, then that gives me a month-1.5 months to get the SFX added and then go back through and listen for any sound discrepancies. I think that’s doable especially given how much time recently I’ve been putting in recently.

You may ask: “James, why did you record in the first place if you knew you were going to have to rerecord those lines?” The reason is this was a creative process I was using. While recording the lines and adding the sounds, it would inspire me to add something in the Audiobook, which I would then add into the Ebook/Paperback. So I think in the long run it may have been worth it, but the work is just too much and I won’t be doing that again. I’ll just take longer on my original edits for the next book.

So release date, well I have a promotion scheduled in September for Afterworld (more on that later next month). So I’m hoping to have it done by that promotion time, but I’m unsure if that’ll happen. Either way, you should expect to see the audiobook finally completed in September just in time to clutch that summer release date. In the mean time, I’ve slowly been gathering voices for the next book but It won’t be released until sometime mid-late next year at the earliest, unless the audiobook for The Ripper does well and I can go ahead and just hire a narrator. That leaves me with doing a few character voices and the editing process which would make my life much less stressful in terms of audio production.

So that’s the goal. That’s what’s happening. I’ll give you further updates next month on both the audiobook and on the promotion. Thanks for stopping in, and if you’ve made it this far share this blog, my twitter, and my books (don’t forget to leave a review, or at least a rating if you end up reading/listening to any of them). Without you, I’ll never grow. I don’t plan on stopping, but the more support and readers I gain, the faster I can produce content for all of you!

As always, stay posted!

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