Hey there my loyal followers! So today I decided to start a promotion to go along with my website launch. For one month you will be able to buy, or gift a friend an ebook copy of Afterworld (Next Life, #1) for 99 cents. This should give them time to read it in preparation for The Ripper which will come out November to December. (I’ll have a more concrete date on that about the time this promotion ends I’ll begin the preorders.

Now to normal blog stuff: So today I spent basically all day switching over my emails to my new buisness focused email. I tell you that is draining when you have to go to social media, to website and blog sign up boxes, to your audiobook and ebook distributor etc. Then there’s those who make it difficult and have things that make your distributor just say “it’s too much work to distribute to them,” so you have to sign up separately with them. (I’m looking at you Google book partners) And of course other little indie publishers in general such as smashwords.

Yesterday was hectic too. I basically spent my day listening to myself listening for audio errors marking them for the guy on fiverr to go back and fix them. I honestly don’t see a difference between my original files and the ones he initially sent me as (done), but I try to be polite when I can do I stayed positive and just marked half the files. Eventually I sent him a message and told him “you got the idea of what needs fixed”. I don’t mind doing it, but at that point I could have edited them myself, but I don’t have the time right now that was the purpose of hiring him. He’s all 5 star reviews so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and I’ll have to listen to the files again to approve them. Listening to myself gets annoying after awhile. The less I have to listen the better. Don’t get me wrong, I love the story I wrote but eventually you want to focus on what’s ahead and not keep going over the first story again and again. (That’s 10.5 hours of just listening!) I spent at least 10 going through stopping to mark the error. Playing pausing, oh how I wish I had a better mic at the time. It would have saved me such a headache.

Let’s wrap this up. I’m giving it my all here guys and girls. So if you can do me a favor read the book, share it, review it from where you got it and good reads etc, get a copy for your friend and have them do the same. I’m going to keep at this for years to come, but I need your support as well. I appreciate each of you reading this and anything you can do to help market this website, blog, and my stories is wonderful. Thanks again, and yes I promise Ripper updates soon and a release date confirmation by mid October. Be safe!

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