I did a few small edits to the next book cover. Can you spot them?

Before we jump into everything, and in case you missed it when I spoke about going on their show last month, the podcast from the guys over at wwsd is out: https://wwsd.simplecast.com/episodes/ep12 Check it out and let me know what you think! Give them a follow as they’re pretty cool dudes.

Now back to your original blogging.

Hello my dear readers, blog post enthusiast, welcome to your first March 2021 update. We’ll start with the obvious: The Ripper audiobook. I’ve just about finished “plotting” all the audio clips with a few edits thrown in between that. By plotting I mean I’ve put the voice actor’s voices in order in their respective file. Tomorrow I should be 99% done with this. Once that’s done I’ll move on to finishing my own lines. So I’m hoping to have all that done by the 20th. (He says as he does edits on the side).

So with that being said, I should have the majority of the basics done by the 20th. I’m hoping normal audio edits take me 5 days and adding in SFX etc and final post-production takes 15-20. So, my plans are to have this rolling out by April 10th-15, 20th at the absoluteeeeee latest. This means the audiobook and paperback (revised edition) will be dropping around that time next month.

What comes next? After The Ripper, I’ll be going back and finish my revisions of Afterworld in preparation for the second edition. Next, drawing the cover and perhaps redoing/updating some of the inside art. That part of that should be done by mid-May. I’ll also, while simultaneously working on the art side of things, be going back and rerecording Afterworld. I will still do a lot of voices, and narration, but will be hiring out the female voice actors and a few others to make the experience better for everyone. To everyone who has purchased the first edition of the audiobook, I will be doing my best to make sure you receive a copy of the 2nd edition at no cost when it releases. Which is Late June/July.

Finally, after these two books are shiny, edited, looking, and sounding amazing, I begin my journey of telling the life of Jonan Steelheat, or “Disco“. A ROUGH estimate, is that you should expect The Desperado’s Tale Q2 2022. Though Early Q3 may be in the realm of possibility with how long I expect this book to be (400 minimum, 500-600 likely, 740 max as this is what my publisher Draft2Digital allows.) That, plus I want to introduce the Audiobook alongside its release so I don’t cause you guys any mishaps when reading through (when creating the audiobook it never fails I want to add something/edit something out).

I think that’s all. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Thanks for reading this far, and as always, stay posted!

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