Pandora's box, used as the main image for what the about page of the Next Life Universe

What is the Next Life Universe Series Really About? If you had to ask me what the Next Life Universe series was about in one word, I would say perseverance, but honestly, that would sell it short. The stories you will read won't be all rainbows and butterflies. The character's...

What Critics are Saying

"Robertson shines is in his descriptions of traumatic events. He is able to take a catastrophic sequence and really pull the reader into it, enmeshing them in the emotions and sensations of the characters."

The BookLife Prize

"A thoughtful fantasy adventure with strong characterization. A red ribbon win, and highly recommended!"

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

"This story is complex, with multiple systems of nature to consider and fantastically multifaceted characters. James Robertson has managed to create characters that are reflective of humanity, characters completely devoid of it, and the tricky ones in between.