So today, I’ve focused on marketing once again. I’ve learned that to be even able to pay for marketing I must first earn myself that spot. It’s a catch 22 for a new author. Especially an indie author.

“I need to use your marketing service.”
“Ok, great! Do you have at least five reviews with an average of 4 stars or better?”
“Well, no, I need to use your service to help reach people to get more reviews.”
“Ok, but you can’t use it unless you have those reviews.”
“So how can I get more reviews and noticed?”
“You can use our service! Oh, but you need more reviews.”

As you can see, this doesn’t get me anywhere as this seems to be the industry standard for the best looking paid advertising services. All that I can ask of you, my fellow readers, share this book with your friends, and hopefully, the reviews I need will come. (In case you’re wondering, at the time of this writing, I only have one review on amazon that is 5 stars with an actual review and one anonymous 5 star rating.)

Pretty much everywhere I’ve searched wants amazon reviews their requirement. I have submitted to book bub, which is the best service and is pretty much the industry standard. So let’s hope that goes well.
On the audiobook side, I’ve decided to go ahead and listen to the rest of the files and mark them for him. Hopefully, this gets that aspect of things taken care of.

Well, that was a short briefing today. Now you know how critical reviews are, even more so than just ratings!

Until next time,

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