Very rough draft of The Desperado’s Tale new cover artwork.

Hello once again, my amazing fans and friends. I am still in the land of the living if you were curious. I’ve just been busy with things. I arrived back in Kansas about two weeks ago sent in my ballot and have had my vote counted (make sure you vote!). Today is a big day for myself as far as things in the book world are concerned, well I suppose it’s yesterday now. Anyway, I set November 1st as the day to start back on writing The Ripper. It went quite well. 2600 words I would call a very successful day. If I keep up that pace, I’ll have it completed in a couple of weeks, but I doubt all my writing days will be that productive.

The reason I delayed this post is that I was hoping to have good news on the audiobook remaster side of things. I still have to work on it. It’s a little over halfway done, so it’ll be out sometime this month the question is when. I’ll hook those of you interested up with a sale when it’s finished so pay attention for that.

Back to The Ripper. This book (character) is one I’m hoping creates mixed emotions. I want some of you to love him, others to hate him, and others to be confused as hell as to how to feel about him. I want you to experience that in this read—the horror and sorrow that he feels and all the emotions that stem from that. There is a lot of character development in this short book (It’s looking to be 70-90k words) I’m not 100% sure where I’ll end up at this point, so I’m giving myself some room. Regardless I’m excited for you all to meet The Ripper. I think the Epilogue at the end of this one will be exciting as well. While this is more of a prequel to the Next Life series, it is an important read to get more information for the Next Life Universe as a whole.

Now onto a tiny bit of info about the Desperado’s Tale; I’m completely changing the artwork for it (see image above for an absolute rough draft). I was initially commissioning someone to do it, but they backed out for some unknown reason. They backed out after sketching a pretty great draft of it mind you. I honestly don’t know what happened. Regardless I’ve begun to work on that cover and that I’ll finish up late December/early Jan. That reminds me, I still need to create a back cover to the paperback/hardback of the Ripper. You can tell I’m still quite busy. Hopefully, come Christmas time things slow down just a little bit for me.

Thanks again for checking in with me. And as always, feel free to ask anything using the contact form on the website. Keep posted!

Ps. November 9th on I will be doing a sort of AMA for new fantasy authors. Be sure to stop by and show some support and ask any questions regarding The Ripper, Afterworld, or anything about the Next Life Universe that you’d like!

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