Good day, my loyal readers across the vast world and universe. Today I just wanted to talk about a few updates and just ask some questions. As you have undoubtedly noticed, starting with the updates, if you have been keeping updated on the website (which I’m sure is quite a few of you), but just in case you haven’t, The Ripper has been released in its eBook format on the 15th. On top of that, for those who like to feel and smell your books to be more tangible, the paperback is coming on the 31st.

Now, I’m unsure if the mass distribution will be ready before then as I’m still compiling with my main distributor. Honestly, I don’t really care for the quality of Amazon’s KDP Print books. While very affordable, the exterior is very, very dull. I got an author copy from them, and the book cover’s colors are quite faded. Their inside printings are quite well, but I want you guys to have the highest quality of my work available. So I’m working with Draft 2 Digital and ordering an author copy from them once it is compiled to compare the quality between the two.

In the mean time, for those of you who have been following me, at the very minimum, I will have a Lulu print up on the 31st of January. I would honestly go with Lulu for wide distribution if their costs for doing so weren’t so expensive due to how high quality their prints as a whole are. Still, at the very least, it will be available in their store for 13.99$ + shipping.

The audiobook is still in the works. It’s almost 99% going to be done in March at some point. I’m also getting near completion of the Afterworld book edit. After that I’ll still need to create a new cover art for it and then wait a bit before re releasing it. You should still expect that around June-July. One last detail on The Ripper that you may be interested in is that the book’s apparel & more has released! So check out for more information about that.

The final bit of news I have for you is that I’ve been working on marketing a bit more, and as such, I’ll be going on at least one podcast (hopefully a few others as well). The one that is confirmed is WWSD, which will be recorded this Saturday. You can check them out here They’re actually quite entertaining to listen to, so if you enjoy podcasts that deal with diverse topics, give them a listen.

I think that’s about all I have to close this month with. I should have some news on The Desperado’s Tale next month, along with an update on The Ripper’s audiobook. As always, stay safe; if you have any questions, please leave them below or use the contact form.

As always, keep safe, and stay posted!

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