Hello once again, my dear readers. Today I bring you a short update in this new year. The first thing I did throughout the new year was to update the website quite a bit. I think it looks much better now. You’ll have to let me know what you think!

If you visit, you’ll notice that a limited-time special is running on the Afterworld Ebook! So you may want to grab it while you can if you haven’t already. I’ve decided to do this in anticipation of The Ripper, set to release in Ebook format on the 15th. As for The Ripper paperback, you can hopefully expect that next month. I’m having a small issue with the printing company I work with, and hopefully, we’ll have that resolved next week. I can get an author copy to look things over and then send it out through the distributor.

Next, I must tell you about The Ripper audiobook. I’ve begun working on that, and I must say I think you’ll rather enjoy this one if you decide to pick it up. It’s looking to be late Feb- sometime in March that it will release. I’m in the process of getting a full cast, and the lines I’ve received so far have been fantastic. This all brings me to the bad news, the Afterworld audiobook.

I’ve gone ahead and pulled Afterworld’s audiobook from stores and have given up salvaging that. The guy who was editing backed out and refunded me, so I’ve just decided to do a re-release of that entirely from scratch as well. I will still do the character Leon and the Narrator, but most of the other voices you can expect to have replaced by new actors. I would have redone this first before The Ripper, but as I’m in the process of having my book re-edited in preparation for the second edition, I’ve opted to wait on that so that the new one will have the edited new script with it. You can expect it to be of higher quality, and the few of you who had purchased the previous edition will be getting a free it for free. So I hope you’ll look forward to that!

So this is pretty much what has been occupying me this month. I don’t expect to have much time to start writing the next book until mid-February at the earliest as I’ll have to finish getting The Ripper audiobook recorded/edited and the paperback out. Playing Author, Narrator, Casting Director, and editor is a bunch of work.

I can’t think of much more to say now, so again, make sure to stay safe and, as always – keep posted!

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