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Good day to you fabulous readers; I just wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know where I’m at with the book and everything else. I’ll start with The Ripper since that is what I’m sure most of you are wondering about. So on that, I’ve got some good news. I’m currently in the editing phase of my work, and I should be done by Christmas day on my side of things. From there, I’ve opted to get an editor this time, and she will be handling a lot of the editing aspects. Besides just editing, she will be checking the dialogue between characters to make sure it’s consistent with British voicing. Unlike Afterworld, this book would have been a bit too much for me to edit on my own regarding dialogue, so hopefully, it turns out well! Assuming everything goes well, you can expect to read The Ripper digitally on January 15th. Paperback will be released either the day of or shortly after. I wish I could get it out for preorders, but currently, Amazon doesn’t allow that! I’ll have to see if Lulu does or not.

Second, well, you can see for yourselves! I’ve ended up finishing book #3’s three’s cover art. What you’re looking at is how the full wrap of the paperback will pretty much look. The book’s front cover will be occupied by The Desperado (whose name you will learn at some point in the Ripper book) and the portal. The back cover will be of his friendly feline companion and the vast waterfall. Make sure you check out the before and after shots to see the transformation! While you learn a lot about the witches and some of their heritage in The Ripper, you can expect to get a better look into the gods in The Desperado’s Tale. You’ll learn more of their stories along with our Desperado and a particular smith that is vitally important to the story as a whole.

Finally, my plans for next year: I had planned to hold off on telling everyone as I didn’t know when it would be, but I was planning on going into the peace corps. That was set initially for June of 2019. However, it had been delayed until May of next year. It seems that it is delayed once again until February 2022. So please think of the following as my book roadmap for 2022.

January: The Ripper paperback & eBook release will release. I will change the website to allow direct buying for those interested in ebooks (possibly audiobooks). For the remainder of January, I will be dedicated to finishing the audiobook Remaster of Afterworld.

February: If the Afterworld’s audiobook remaster isn’t complete by January, this is the absolute latest I want to have it done by. Then, if funds allow for it, I will begin working on the audiobook for The Ripper.

March: Again, if funds allow for it. I will hopefully have The Ripper audiobook complete with a cast completed or in the final phase. At this time, I have probably started to write on The Desperado’s Tale. I will also be working on the 2nd edition of Afterworld. I want to touch it up and edit it again a tiny bit more, maybe get an affordable editor to give it a look over as well. The second thing is I want to be done is a new cover for this book. Let’s say it leaves a lot to be desired, at least in my own opinion. While I don’t think it’s terrible, I had just started taking art seriously, and so there’s not much depth to it. I still think I’m an amateur artist at best, but I think I have improved vastly. I’m sure you can notice a significant change from Afterworld’s artwork to The Ripper. 

April: Complete version 2 of Afterworld and have it published. Takedown Version 1 from stores etc. I’m also going to make Afterworld version 2, The Ripper, and all my following books 5.5×8.5 trim size. I think it fits my books better generally and is a well-balanced size in general. 

May-July: Continue working on The Desperado’s Tale. If somehow everything else went smoothly, I should be wrapping this up and having it published either at this time. 

August-December: If somehow not done already, publish The Desperado’s Tale. Complete the audiobook for The Desperado’s tale, and begin on Untitled (Next Life, #2). 

The hope is to have Leon return either before or shortly after the new year by having that book completed and published by January at the latest. The audiobook I’ll try to have done before February as well. Honestly, I think a lot of this will be completed sooner than listed here, but this is my road map to-do list (funds allowing) that I want to be completed. After that, we come to an unknown if the peace corps will still be interested or if plans change. Honestly, I’m hoping book sales pick up this year.

I think that about wraps it up for the day. I want to thank you all for being patient and giving me your support. Please feel free to introduce my stories to your socials, friends, and family. The more my reading base grows, the better product I can afford to give you as a whole. I want you each to have an enjoyable and safe holidays, and as always: stay posted!


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