Afterworld’s Second Edition Cover.

So as I’ve been working on The Ripper this past month, I’ve also had Afterworld’s second edition in the back of my mind, and I’ve decided something. I’m releasing the second edition of Afterworld at the end of the month, May 31st, to be exact. It will be released alongside The Ripper update. The Paperback for Afterworld will be a few days after that as I need to design a back cover to match the front, so you still have a little time to collect a variant of the first edition paperback.

Updates on The Ripper audiobook. I’ve decided on a June 30th release (may be limited to just here as getting everything set up on the distribution time may take a little more time. I’m really loving how it’s turning out. The sounds I’ve come across to add-in have been wonderful. As draining as this project has been on me mentally, I think in the end, it will be something of the highest quality for everyone to enjoy.

This brings me back to Afterworld’s audiobook. I’m still planning on having this done before winter begins. If you’d like to support the project, the best way to do that is to buy The Ripper‘s audiobook or any format of it and Afterworld. I really am putting my everything into polishing these for you all to enjoy to their fullest.

I think that’s about all I have for the moment. Next month I’m entering Afterworld in a cover of the month competition. So I could use your support for that! The Ripper will be in the month following that. I think that pretty much covers the basics of what I have planned before I begin my start on The Desperado’s Tale for next year.

Thanks, everyone, and as always, stay posted!

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