Hello, my wonderful blog readers. I hope all is genuinely well with you in these crazy times. This week has finally slowed down a little. I’ve finished speaking with a lot of marketing contacts, so that helps a lot. The first thing I want to bring you up to speed on this week for those of you unaware, or perhaps you overlooked it is the cover art competition. The Ripper is officially in a book cover competition which you can find here https://allauthor.com/cover-of-the-month/9442/. There are a lot of other covers in the contest here and so the more votes it gets, the better. Currently, my book is ranked 125/400. To get into the second phase, which starts on the 8th, we need to be at least top 100! So if you like the cover, and want to help a newer author out, please go and vote :).

The second, speaking of art is this: I am an absolute novice at it. That is just the complete truth. So, I’ve decided on some things I will outsource. I have a couple of premade covers that I’ve gotten the rights for that will be coming out for future books down the line. I’m having someone work on The Desperado’s Tale so that it will be ready for release when it’s finished next year. While I absolutely love my artwork I did for The Ripper, the next book leaves something to be desired. I’ve realized I’m not that great at drawing backgrounds. My skies are acceptable, but anything else with detail and I’ll struggle, mainly digitally.

I know a few of you may be disappointed by this news. Still, I promise I will release some more of my own art down the line as I just got this fantastic humble bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/be-a-creative-superhero?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_2 So I will be able to do just that in the future. It just won’t be with the next cover so I’ll have a bit of time to practice. I promise the next cover will be just excellent. The guy I’m working with over at Fiverr seems to be quite experienced and has a similar art style to myself.

Finally, for the audiobook remaster update. It is still coming along, longer than I first anticipated it would take by a long shot, but when it’s finished, it will be much better than before. We’re about 1/2 way through the final phase of edits, so it’s getting there. I was thinking about having a Halloween contest. Does anyone think they would be interested in a pumpkin carving/art contest and the winner receives a signed paperback (or perhaps hardcover) copy of the Ripper upon release? Let me know your thoughts either in the comments below or via the contact form on the main website. As always my friends and wanderers be safe, and keep posted!

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