This image displays the first novel in the Next Life Universe book series, Afterworld. The stated author's name is James G. Robertson. It is used to showcase the novel Afterworld's second edition cover.
Cover art by Oleg Beloded

This is going to be a super short blog as I’ve been really busy with promotion stuff and packing etc (moving in 6 days). So what I have is a kindle countdown deal for Afterworld. Amazon only has countdowns for US & UK, so those are set at .99 each and will go back to their original price over the next few days until the 15th. I didn’t want everyone else to miss out, so I put each region at a much lower rate (some as low as I’m allowed). Feeling that fear of missing out (FOMO), yet?

Well, that’s my pitch. Check it out, grab yourself a copy. Already have it? What about that friend of yours, wouldn’t you like to surprise them with an awesome, discounted gift? Share it around! Twitter, Facebook, Word press, Pinterest, you got it? Give it that share! Seriously, thank you all. Without you, I would have no reason to continue this grind. As always, be safe, and stay posted!

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