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Good evening. I’m going to make this fairly short today. The Ripper’s ebook is on sale until 00:00 Pacific Standard time of 10/29. Don’t miss out, all proceeds are going to go towards making the audiobook better. This leads me to the big audiobook change announcement: I’m delaying it until next year. It won’t be late in the year, mind you, but probably January-March. If it comes out sooner than that, well, let’s just all be happy.

The reason for the delay is that I’m changing narrators. I just don’t have the time to be doing that and all the other edits. I found someone’s voice that I really like, and I think you will as well. While I’ll still be doing Jack’s lines and a couple of other smaller characters, I wanted to create something special. I need this to be a success. So I’m taking my time and making sure it turns out to be the absolute best it can be and up to my own standards, which are very high. They say you are your own worst critic, well that definitely holds true for me and my work.

I’m doing a few changes around the website (yes again). I’m trying to get it to be more responsive, so I’ve been using a new builder called Zion Builder. You may see a few changes throughout, but hopefully it’s a more pleasant experience once it’s all done. Last, I’m going on that late October hiking trip tomorrow. So expect some splendid pictures for the upcoming newsletters and blog posts!
That’s really all I have to say, and honestly have time for today. I gave you one more blog post than usual, but hey hopefully it was worth it. Thanks for reading, drop a comment or question below or on my twitter. As always, stay posted.

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